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So you have friends who have been bitten by the water gardening bug. And every time you venture over to their house you spend most of your time sitting around their later lily and Koi filled pond admiring (shall we say envying?) the naturally relaxing atmosphere where they spend every morning and every evening through the spring, summer, and fall.
A pond must be constructed right in order for it to be the low maintenance, organic, backyard paradise that you long for. You know that the key is to work with Mother Nature and never against her.
Over the past few years water gardening has gone through a radical evolution. No longer are ponds designed and constructed like aquariums. Gone too are the murky, algae infected pools. See how the latest technology allows homeowners and professionals to create beautiful, realistic, and easy to maintain gardens. We’ll cover all areas relating to water garden installation, from the design aspects, location, tools, supplies, and maintenance. With an actual pond kit and the tools on display, learn how easy it is for you too to have a bit of paradise in your garden too.



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